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Business 101 by Legends

As a PRO member you can be a part of the master business class with some of the most brilliant minds and legends in martial arts. Learn how Chuck and Bob built the most successful chain of Karate studios in the history of United States, and apply that knowledge to your own studio.

Bob Wall

How his studio became big.

Wall was a self-proclaimed "93-pound weakling" who found martial arts to be a way of not only doing strength and body conditioning, but for building character. "Young people are easy to teach martial arts to, as it improves their self-image and then that becomes the motivating factor", Wall said.

Wall went on to become a national fighting champion and one of the founders of Black Belt magazine, and fought with the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee in several Lee's films. "Bruce was one of the most disciplined men I ever knew, at a very young age", Wall said. "He was an old soul and gifted athlete."

"I also taught many other celebrities during the time the Sherman Oaks studio was first getting going", incuding Elvis and Priscilla Presley, Steve McQueen, Brian Keith, Pat Burleson (the first national karate champion) and, of course, his eventual business partner Norris, who went on to become successor to Bruce Lee as the most successful film star to implement the martial arts in his roles.

In the 1970s, the Sherman Oaks studio was renamed the Chuck Norris Karate Studio as Norris's name grew in marketing appeal. Norris and Wall opened studios all over the Valley and other parts of California. Students who couldn't afford to pay for classes were given a chance to train by working at the dojod, or martial arts studios, cleaning up and doing clerical work. "This was my way of allowing everyone to participate in the sport who wanted to, and at the same time allowed Chuck and I to expand our business to other communities", Wall said.

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